Our Process

Abloom Landscape Contractor design process focuses on defining your unique landscaping needs. Those needs are translated into comprehensive landscaping plans that fit you and your property. These landscaping plans clearly detail what your property will look like. It is our goal to make the construction process as easy as possible and problem-free.


Our landscaping process includes…

Step 1

Initial At-Home Consultation

The landscape design process begins with a one hour at-home consultation as you and our landscape designer sit down to discuss your ideas, concerns and dreams. At that time he will do a walk around to view the property and familiarize himself with any construction issues. You will also be determining a workable budget and landscape styles for your envisioned project. Prior to the meeting, we like to ask our clients to fill out our questionnaire, have a copy of your lot plan and create a wish list or scrap book in order to better assess your needs and dreams.

During this consultation you will be quoted a price for a landscape design, if you proceed with a design the consultation fee will be voided. 

Step 2

Design Process

Site Study

Visual inspection of the property will be done in order to determine that the existing site conditions are accurately shown on the lot plan provided by the client. We will then take measurements of house, existing structures, utilities, trees and existing landscape. We will also take grades and overall site conditions notes to determine the appropriate placement of plants, hardscape, structures and other construction materials.

Base Plan

A scaled drawing will be prepared showing house, property lines, utilities, trees and all existing construction. Notes taken during site study will also be added to this plan.

Conceptual Plan

A scaled conceptual plan will be prepared using the base plan and will reflect the client’s wishes and preferred styles. This plan will determine the location and size of new construction. It will be drawn to scale and include general information about the types of materials, varieties and sizes.

Finalized Plan

The finalized plan will be prepared from the conceptual plan and client feedback. This plan will include plants names, specifications, typical construction details and elevations.

Detailed Estimate

The conceptual and final plan comes with a detailed estimate which breaks down in detail the possible phases of your landscape project.

3D Virtual Landscape Design

We can provide a custom 3D landscape proposal at an extra cost, which enables you to “walkthrough” the project. This facilitates the visualisation of your completed landscape design in conjunction with you house and surroundings. Go to our virtual walkabout section to see some examples.

Step 3

Installation Proposal

Once the design work is completed, Abloom Landscape Contractor will meet with you to review the formal contract and terms and conditions. The contract describes the included work, materials and warrantees.

Step 4

Installation of Project

Once a signed proposal is submitted with deposit, we will schedule your project, obtain the necessary permits and utility locates and order the appropriate materials. Our team foreman and project manager will ensure the smooth order of events during the construction phases. At completion of project a final walk through will be made with you and the project manager to ensure that all work is satisfactory and up to the client’s expectations.